Dynamic And
Multidisciplinary Approach

Subsurface Dynamics is a leading expert in integrated reservoir modelling. We have state of the art technology at or disposal and extensive in-house expertise with cumulative experience of over 250 years between our technical leaders. We have established state of the art integrated modelling workflows that addresses most important issues for Conventional, Unconventional and Thermal reservoirs. Our technology allows us to seamlessly integrate GnG, Geomechanics, Flow Modelling and Surface Facilities into one sophisticated digital oilfield model.


Subsurface Dynamics developed proprietary multidisciplinary workflows for full field development programs. During the lifecycle of the project all acquired data and calculations undergo multiple iterations through Geophysical, Geological, Petrophysical and Engineering analysis. During this process, our team ensures that achieved results satisfy requirements for all 4 fields and the proposed reservoir property changes are in agreement with the reservoir type and history.

As a result, we provide our clients with a truly multidisciplinary product where the final “story” matches Geophysical, Geological, Petrophysical and Engineering requirements and completely eliminates a “silo” approach. The final product will give consistent input for any type of further analysis, from economics to future development planning and will perform as a fully integrated reservoir model.

To help us achieve full integration in our studies we developed proprietary tools and employ software solutions from the leaders on the market: